Trade Shows

Do you want more traffic at your booth?

Trade Show 3 Of course you do!  Bigger crowds means more leads which equals more sales. 

And there is so much more to trade show tactics!  How would you like …………

  • To keep your booth buzzing all day?
  • An audience that calls out your company name so everyone can hear it, not once but many times a day?
  • Higher brand recognition?
  • Greater presence on the trade show floor?
  • A presentation that people will actually talk about and recommend to their associates?
  • A motivational boost for all your trade show staff?

Research has shown that a professional trade show performer can do all this and more.

Your top 5 selling points will not be sitting on posters waiting to be read, they will be actively presented in a fun and entertaining way.  Leads will be qualified and all your sales staff will be kept busy all day.  Keith has a huge amount of experience in this area and is a consummate professional who is used to representing companies from all industries.

Trade Show 2



And you will need Fields for your outside event where you need to draw AND keep a crowd

Trade Show - Outdoors