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Keith Fields is a man who wears many more hats than just his signature bowler!

He is a British speaker, TV presenter, author, magician, comedian, inventor, (you can find out more by exploring this site), but the important question is…

‘What can Keith Fields do for your organization?’

He can make you laugh!  Think that’s not important, read on…

From the clips below, you will see that he is a naturally funny guy who the audience love to be with.  He has the ability to grab and keep the attention of any audience.  His ability to improvise and create situational comedy is legendary.  Keith is a clean comedian who has performed thousands of shows and talks, so you can rest assured that all his material will be appropriate for your audience.

Keith’s mission is to release the laughter & deliver your message.

Laughter is part of our natural communication; it is important among families, friends, and colleagues.  Laughter is an important part of the glue that holds an organization together.

Every presentation is unique and crafted so that the audience remember the message rather than the messenger.  What is the message?  Well that is up to you.  Popular themes include customer service, comedy in the workplace, change management, and creative thinking.  Keith will work with you to clarify your message and then work it into a presentation, which will be enlightening and entertaining.

Using situation comedy and magic and a bit of psychology, your message will be implanted deeply into the minds of your audience.  We are not talking hypnosis or anything weird!  Keith has discovered a secret and he knows how to use it.  And the secret is…

When folk are laughing they don’t notice that they are learning.

Call now to  find out when Keith Fields can use his magic to release the laughter at your event.

 “A Brit of Humor ” Keith was great and well received by our audience of physicians and their spouses. He was able to be humorous while at the same time delivering the underlying message of coping with and/or accepting changes that come into our lives. I would highly recommend him.  By Tambra S.

AMAZING….SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!! OH MY WORD!! I cannot believe how much fun each and every one of our staff had at this year’s Holiday Event. Thank you so much Mr. Fields for making this year’s office party such a huge, wonderful and HILARIOUS experience. Probably the BEST event we have had….EVER!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!!  By Donna T.