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About Keith Fields

Keith Fields is from England and describes himself as an author, speaker and entertainer.keith fields

As an author he has written for television and radio; published books on communication skills, fund raising and performing comedy; he writes a regular magazine column. His book ‘How to Handle Hecklers’ is used by comedians all over the world.

As a motivational keynote speaker he covers various areas including team building, communications, customer service, and fun in the workplace.

As an entertainer he has performed across the world.  He is a multi-award winning comedian and magician who has performed in London’s West End, New York’s Broadway, and the Vegas strip.  His theater show ‘A Brit Of Magic’ can be seen in performing arts centers across USA.

Keith’s signature presentation is ‘Be More, See More, Do More’.  It is funny, engaging, informative and educational and will leave your staff and colleagues energized and ready to excel.

As Keith says ‘When people are laughing they are more open to learning’

He is passionate about sharing his creed – simple to understand but with a simply incredible effect:  Do the little things that make the biggest difference.  It’s all about taking a little extra care or putting in a little extra work, but doing it intelligently to get the maximum results.  The laws of statistics tell us that most people are average; it only takes a little extra to be above average.  And that is where you need to be to get noticed, as an individual and as an organization.

Whether talking about communication skills or customer service, talking to salespeople or high school students, working with management or on the shop floor,  Keith will enliven and enlighten your next event.

How did it all start…

In 1998 in England, while working as a headline comedian and magician Keith developed a special training program for  the London School of Comedy.  He used the techniques of highly acclaimed comedians to teach communication skills, problem solving, and creative thinking to business people.  A seminar which is still available today.

His work in this area became the theme of a 40 minute TV documentary called ‘Office Jokers,’ showcasing Fields as a remarkable trainer and motivator.  A new career was born.

Keith Fields

He has written several books on comedy, performance techniques, and memory skills as well as sitcom scripts for TV.  He has worked with Robin Williams, Russell Peters, David Frost, Eddie Izzard, Dave Coulier and many more.  In 2009 he moved from London to Detroit with his wife and family to seek adventure! He’s happy to share it with you.



Clients include:

BBC TV, Ford, Kensington Community Church, Celebrity Cruises, Oracle, Coca Cola, British Telecom, Gupta, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Banyan Systems, Lloyds, Windsor Cable, Rockpointe Community Church, Mercedes Benz, Disney Cruise Lines, P&O, Allied Radio, World Medical Relief, Youth Justice Ontario.