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Hot Topics for Your Organisation

The techniques that presenters use has become a lifelong study and Keith’s mission is to help people to communicate more effectively.  At his talks and seminars he demonstrates just how it should be done!

Programs include…

1. Communic8 – The 8 mistakes presenters make and how to avoid them.  Keith collected these 8 errors from his personal experience as a keynote speaker and research with senior executives, directors and CEO’s.  They’ve all sat through many presentations and would rather not see the same mistakes made again.

2. See More, Do More, Be More – 3 steps to customer service excellence.  Keith’s signature program will keep the audience spellbound.   Keith vividly demonstrates how a customer feels when you get it right (and when you get it wrong).  Then shows you ways to tap into those good feelings with your customers.

3. Peak Performance Presentations – Advanced training in the art of persuasion. This seminar is ideal for supervisors, managers, team leaders and sales people, designed to boost confidence and improve communication and presentation skills.

4. It’s all about you! – Keith has designed this program specifically for a client or staff appreciation event.  Keith’s amazing skills entertain and amaze, and serve as examples for recognizing that we all have the power to change lives and make the world a better place.corporate speaker