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Living Your Dreams!

For virtually every entertainer the idea of having your own show with your own audience who are there just to see you is second only to winning the lottery.  For some it would be first, but those are the ones who forget that if they won the lottery they would have enough money to buy their own theater… and audience!

The great thing about dreams is that they are just that, dreams!  In mine, I am in a luxury theater in a five star resort and the full house is ready and waiting, this is not so much a dream, more of a fantasy!

 A couple of months ago I threw caution to the wind and headed south to work on my dream. Those of you who follow me on facebook or twitter will already know this.  ‘Old News!’ I hear you say, but that is not the point of this story.

In March I deserted the snowy north (and boy wasn’t it snowy?) for the balmier climes of Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a six week run of my one man show.  We re-branded as ‘A Brit of Magic‘ and I was to perform at a 100 seat theater at the base of the Space Needle, one of Gatlinburg’s biggest attractions.

A Brit of Magic

When I arrived I could not see a single poster or sign with my name on it and it looked a bit like they had forgotten that I was coming.  How was my dream looking now?  Well not so good.


I remembered 2 very valuable lessons:

  • Anything that is worth having is worth working for.
  • You will never be plucked from obscurity and thrown into stardom. 

I also learned that putting on a show is not a ‘Field of Dreams’ moment, just because you build it does not mean that they will come (If you don’t get the reference check out the film, it is a good ‘un).  There was a lot of work to do so I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in.

A couple of days later we had the posters up and an opening night with a few tickets sold and enough local guests to make the first show a mini success.  I was up and running, (OK, jogging) and the adventure was just beginning.  The initial run was amazing, and  I am very excited to announce that I will be back there again for the summer.

The Space Needle

One of the biggest joys I had during the run was realizing one of my secret ambitions.  I always dreamed of having a show that was genuinely entertaining the whole audience.  I have seen family shows that were just children’s shows in disguise, and others that had a bit for the kids with the bulk of the show for the adults.  Neither root was satisfying for me.  I set the bar high and decided that I would try and develop a hilarious show that would hit the funny bone of everyone from 3 o 103.  Did I succeed? Well read the reviews below.

The main point of this story is that the adventure carries on and I have no idea how it will end.  There is still a lot of work to do to build the show and get more people through the doors.

Success in this business, as with so many, does not go to the hare it goes to the tortoise.

If you want to find success you must keep practicing, keep creating, keep working and keep plodding along.  Run too fast and you may run out of steam.  Maybe the title of this piece is a bit misleading.  We should not be living our dreams but building them.  That is what I am doing.

If you are visiting the Smokey Mountains this summer, come and see the show and we can meet up afterwards to sample the moonshine.

See you in Gatlinburg!

 Keith Fields

 A few reviews of ”A Brit of Magic’ with Keith Fields

“A Homerun!”

Just returned from a family reunion in Gatlinburg, A Brit of Magic was the highlight of our trip. This show had three generations of our family laughing. What a great way to spend an evening. We will be back!

 “Very funny & entertaining!!!”

The show was lively, hilarious and fast paced. Keith does a great job of engaging the audience, even interacts people in the lobby before and after the show. Our two teenagers laughed the whole time (us too) and are still scratching our heads over the tricks. Well done!!! Highly recommended for all ages!!!!

“Funniest guy in Tennessee”

Awesome magic and great for all ages!!! And this dude is hilarious, we will be back next year.


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