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Santiago’s Red Light Jugglers

This headline on the BBC news website caught my attention…

Santiago’s Red Light Jugglers

By Maryrose Fison, Santiago, Chile

 Was this is a story about a variety entertainer or a new and dangerous way of taking a left at the lights? 

 I had already sort of guessed what it might be about. Do you have any idea?This is my story…

About a year ago I was traveling home from performing on a cruise, it was Lima, Peru.  I was picked up by a taxi and was en-route to the airport.  It was only the second time I had been there and both times I was disembarking. This meant little or no time to sight see, in fact my only experience of that city is the port, the airport and the inside of a taxi.
This Taxi was better than the usual (the air conditioning worked) and the windows had been freshly cleaned (thanks to  the squeegee boys at the last junction) so I was relaxing and enjoying the scenery.  It was dusk and the exciting city was just coming to life.  Not the business life, that was just ending, I’m talking about the night life.
Lima is a colorful city and there was sound and light everywhere.  The roads were busy and the aggressive form of driving (one hand on the wheel the other on the horn) seemed to be the order of the day. The car behind honked us because we accidentally stopped at a red light!

And that is when I experienced a Red Light Juggler.

All of a sudden standing in the middle of the road was a guy juggling five clubs. He did a 60 second routine that involved  behind the back and under the leg and several other tricks, and any juggler will tell you that we are talking highly advanced stuff here!
Just before the lights changed he rushed around the four or five cars to collect tips, and then it was over. The shortest street show I have ever experienced, and this one really was in the street!
Thinking about these amazing performances reminded me of a couple of things: Firstly, there are opportunities everywhere.  The question is ‘are you prepared to put in the work to make those markets viable?‘  These street entertainers recognized the opportunity (people waiting in their cars with nothing to do) and designed a presentation that would not only get their attention, it would also earn money.  What they did was like one of us giving our elevator pitch, closing the deal and getting paid before the elevator doors have closed!
 It also reminded me of the effectiveness of performers working at trade shows.  These entertainers have the ability to get total strangers who had other things on their minds to watch a show.  Imagine the possibility of a performance filled with your products and company message.  It would make your booth so much more memorable than any of the others.
And finally I remember the fact that as we drove off I was smiling.  And therein lays the best business message that I learned from that little exchange.  The wonderful old show biz saying ‘Always  leave them wanting more’.  If we leave our clients wanting more it means that they will keep coming back.
You can read the BBC story and see some pictures of the red light jugglers here.  Watch the video link of the whole process… 
Santiago’s red light jugglers by Maryrose Fison
So here is your challenge for today – 

The lights have just turned red and you have 60 seconds to impress the crowd and make your pitch!  What would you do in your 60 seconds?

 Keith Fields

Keith Fields is available to speak at meetings and conferences.    Keith is a highly experienced trade show presenter and is able to use your products and in a high octane trade show presentation.   Call us to talk about how we can help you have a busier booth, get more leads and generate more sales at your next trade show.

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