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When Do We Stop Learning?

The more we learn the more we know,

The more we know the more we can forget,

The more we can forget the more we do forget,

– which is why we need to keep learning!


Learning is the stuff of life. It is the brainfood that causes us to grow. Without this food and this growth we may find ourselves redundant.

Learning something new is something that should excite us. It can be anything as long as it is new. It can be new information or a new skill. We can then take the idea and apply it into our current knowledge and many interests.

Each new idea causes us to change and question and grow. Does the new idea fit in with what I already know? Sometimes we will have to rethink old ideas because of the new information. Like a falling domino that will knock over the others around it, a new idea could cause a cascade, scattering redundant ideas and clearing the way for the new.

I think we sometimes hang onto old ideas and practices because they have always worked in the past. But maybe we should head the warning that comes with most financial adverts when they say ‘The value of this investment can go up or down, past performance does not guarantee future performance’. The effectiveness of the patterns and habits that we live our lives by is always changing. It may increase or it may decrease.

So we should not be saying ‘out with the old and in with the new’. The route to learning and growing is by saying ‘out with the ineffective and in with the effective’

 Keith Fields

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